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Monday, July 4, 2011

He Cried

Softly she climbs up the stairs
hoping to escape the glares

Another day another fight
she slips away in to the night

Years go by she runs a race
trying to forget that place

She carries all her guilt and shame
and thinks that God forgot her name

She cries
for her freedom

Out of the blue
he came to her rescue
lifted her up from her shame

He knew her name
he felt her pain
he held each tear that she cried

he cried for her freedom

Painfully he walked that road
carrying my heavy load

And on that day he saw my face
He knew my shame would need His grace

He cried for my freedom

Along with the celebration of our Nation's independence, I'm celebrating another kind of freedom today.  To those who have been hurt and abused and have found freedom, I celebrate with you.  To those who are still waiting in line for that moment, I pray for you and hope that you will find your freedom soon.

Blessings this day,

Amy Lynn

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