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Friday, June 24, 2011

Strip Bar Malls

Courtship or dating if you prefer is at best an awkward time of getting to know a person who may become your life companion.  Communication is vital during this time and especially if you are dating from a distance as Mike and I did.  We talked on the phone for nearly four hours one evening, we found reason to have unlimited text message plans and we sent a lot of e-mail.  Communication to the max!  We needed this because we had both been in lengthy relationships prior.  One day I received an e-mail that for a second derailed this love story.  Mike was describing his social life when I read, or rather thought I read, "tonight I'm going to tour the strip bar malls of Overland Park". STRIP BAR malls?!  He is going to a strip bar mall?!!  I was horrified.  What had I gotten myself into?  I thought I had better re-read that sentence just to make sure what I had read before I dumped the chump.  I am so glad I did!  Because what he had written was strip mall bars. Strip. Mall. Bars. He was referring to the one or two places that he frequented in pursuit of a good BLT and a beer at the end of a busy day.  I have chuckled about this many times over the past three years and I marvel at the difference one dyslexic slip can make.  

Yesterday morning while viewing our bank accounts, our checking account balance was a bit lower than I'm comfortable with and so I thought I should transfer some money from savings to checking.  Mike is usually the one to fuss about this but he had sense enough to know that in less than 24 hours we were both going to be paid.  I persisted and my stubbornness won.  I proudly announced, "there I transferred money to our checking account."  I hopped out the door to work with confidence that if money needed to be spent it could be.  Before I tell you what happened next, I swear to you that I was not trying to find some kind of sick revenge on my husband for the mis-communication or rather, the mis-read incident from three years prior.  While I was at work, Mike sat down at a local Greek restaurant to enjoy a gyro when on his phone came a notification from the bank informing him that our checking account balance had gone below our designated comfort zone.  In fact, it was almost zero!  The proud transfer I had made earlier in the day was destined to be a dyslexic disaster.  I had actually transferred our entire checking account to the savings account. 

Communication builds relationships and it can tear them down in a flash.  E-mail is a wonderful tool and regretfully I have clicked send way too fast in some instances.  I have hurt the feelings of others and I have caused many humorous blunders with the careless click of a button.  I have mis-read and almost missed out on a lifetime of love and companionship with my favorite and yes, only husband Mike. 

I really love technology for its instant way of communicating but today I wonder if slowing down to write everything longhand would save a whole lot of trouble!

Thanks for stopping by!

Amy Lynn

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell
Amy Lynn Michael

Out of the shadows into the light
A battle each day for my soul I will fight
One step forward two steps back
Some things will fall between the cracks

I will press on with Christ by my side
Humbly I’ll walk relinquish my pride
Only striving to finish this day
Tomorrow’s not here won’t wish it away

I can’t walk back and fix what’s behind
The path before me is where I will find
Trials and pain, joy in the race
Shame washed away shattered by grace

I don’t understand why God chose me
To fight this battle where others can see
There must be a reason for a heart laid bare
Before the skeptics and those unaware

I wish I could know how my life will end
I can’t see down the road around the bend
Only God knows the time and the hour
When in my life He will release His power

I only know in my human frailty
That God will be strongest when I bow my knee
I will fight this fight I will fight it well
And one day I will win, only time will tell.

I found this poem from 2006 in my e-journal and thought I would share with my readers.  That time in my life was surrounded with much uncertainty and there were plenty of folks looking down at me because of where I had been and the things I had done.  I am thankful today for a resilience that helped me fight to be more than the skeptics believed I could be.

If you are that one under the looking glass of the skeptics, know that one day soon you too will find strength to move beyond their limited vision for you.  Time will tell.

Thanks for reading,

Amy Lynn

Friday, June 3, 2011

God Told Me

These days when I hear someone say, “God told me…” I have a tendency to cringe; and most of the time it is noticeable.  I have however, managed in some situations to be respectful of the person delivering the divine revelation.  It’s not that I don’t believe people still hear the voice of God as they did in Moses’ days.  I just think that more often than not our opinion is burning hotter than the bush that Moses encountered.  In an effort to be taken seriously we think it necessary to preface our words with, God told me.  Somehow this little phrase will make everything ok if the person on the receiving end doesn’t like what we have said, or is hurt by it.  Have you ever been the person on the receiving end of a “divine revelation”?  I have been both blessed by this and hurt.  I have been blessed when someone called because while they were reading scripture or praying, I was on their mind and they prayed for me.  They called to share the verse that they were reading when I was brought to their mind or they wrote me a note of encouragement at just the right time.  I believe that God does place people on our hearts at just the right time.  I have had some instances recently where certain individuals have come to mind in the night and I have prayed for them as soon as I was coherent enough to pray, later to find out that it was just what they needed at that time.  This will always amaze me and humble me at the same time.  Why was I chosen to pray for those needs?  How could my prayers possibly eloquent enough or holy enough to make a difference?  Prayers and encouragement from others in the name of Jesus are undeniably welcomed and cherished. 

But the other side of “God told me” is where I begin with my skepticism.  Once a friend told me that God showed her something about my life that needed to be dealt with and that I should pray and ask Him to show me too.  I was instantly angry and not because I was feeling some kind of guilt or fear of what might have been revealed.  I was angry because the person delivering this word had a history of using this phrase when she was about to offer her opinion on some aspect of my life.  She said I should pray about it for a few days and that she would call me later in the week to arrange a meeting.  Several days and weeks went by and I heard not another word.  Apparently the burning message from God had lost its urgency.  Because I have put little trust in people like this, I wasn’t hurt that she didn’t follow up on this message from God.  In fact, I found it amusing and incredibly predictable, given her history.  It wasn’t God’s message at all, it was an opinion and the person delivering it either found it less important to share as time went on and perhaps God protected me from yet another hurtful, discouraging opinion. 

Should my opinion ever burn brighter than the bush did to Moses, may I find the courage to admit that it is my own, and further may I be wise enough to know when to speak and when to simply be quiet.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends and thanks for stopping by.

Amy Lynn

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