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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Love is Not Blind

Recently I had to be away from home on business for two full weeks.  This meant being away from my husband.  With each day that I was gone I became more aware of how much I enjoy having Mike in my everyday life and I just plain missed his presence.  I do love technology and although I haven’t yet mastered Skype, we talked on the phone as often as we could and sent text messages.  Mike writes a love note for me most every day and while I was away that didn’t stop.  In fact he still wrote them with pen on paper.  He then photographed and e-mailed them to me so that I would be able to read them at the end of my work day just like I do when I’m at home.  That was an amazing thing but still I missed his smile, his eyes and his touch.  These are things that cannot be substituted.

Love is blind they say.  “They” also say that my affections for my husband and this incredible desire to share every day with him will pass with time.  It seems that there are those who would believe that because we have been married just over three years that this will fade with time.  I guess as we grow older we are theoretically supposed to stop enjoying each others company and we will look forward to “getting away from each other”.  Someone even suggested that because we are newly weds that I have yet to discover all of my husband’s faults and he mine.

It would seem to some that we are experiencing a blind kind of love.  I have to say that is not it at all.  In fact what I love about Mike is that he is not perfect and he is fully aware of it.  We both have weaknesses and we both have flaws.  We are not blind but merely nearsighted where matters of the heart are concerned.  For someone who is nearsighted they have difficulty seeing things far away.  With assistance though, they find a way to see what they need and want to see.  I for example can’t see more than a few feet in front of me clearly without the help of my glasses.  I can still hear though and I can make out the shapes of things.  I just need to get closer in order to see the details.  When I put my glasses on I see things clearly much quicker and am able to assess my surroundings with ease.  I would like to suggest that our marriage isn’t different than this.  Mike and I are not blind, but there are times when we need help to see things clearly and quickly.  Sometimes one of us needs to hold the hand of the other to lead the way. Sometimes it is a matter of sitting still with blurred vision simply to listen to what the other has to say in order to know better which direction we should move.  I automatically reach for my glasses on the bedside table each morning because I know that I am going to need to see clearly even in the ordinary routine.  It is the same in our marriage.  I approach each day of my life with Mike knowing that I need help sometimes to see clearly the path ahead for us both.  I need to look closely at myself and I need to be willing to let Mike do the same.  Both of us with total awareness that we are flawed; we are human know that there are going to be days when we will not see things clearly.  We are willing to work through those things that trip us up because we were too nearsighted to see them coming. 

To some it would seem that we are carefree newly weds full of unrealistic expectations. The truth is that we are merely two nearsighted people who are willing to help the other see things in life and love yet undiscovered.  We are not foolish enough to think that trials will never come.  We simply love each other enough to walk through those hard times together.  

Our love is not blind. 

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Amy Lynn Michael

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Moving On

It has been nearly two full months since I have written a blog post.  In fact I have barely written anything at all with the exception of notes to myself reminding me what I need to accomplish on any given day.  I have been busy with work and with life just like everybody else.  That never stopped me from writing before, so why now? 

In October I lost one of my dearest friends to cancer.  She was not just any friend.  She was the friend who helped me find a way to climb out of the deep dark pit I was in after having lost my first husband to the same disease.  Lynn watched me spiral in and out of emotional ruins, never losing sight of the person I was beneath it all.  She believed in God, she believed in me and sometimes she believed in God “for” me.

Even though I had known for nearly a year that the day may come when she would no longer be with us, somehow I wanted to believe different.  I wanted to cling to the heart to heart conversations, the laughter and her “I Love Lucy” impersonations.  I wanted to attend worship services with her and sing.  I wanted Lynn to show the world that cancer can be beat.  I wanted all of that for her, but selfishly I wanted it for me.  I couldn’t bear the thought of losing her friendship.

I have been in a bit of a fog where my creativity is concerned because I just don’t know what to write about.  I thought maybe it was just my busyness.  But I realized this week how much I looked forward to Lynn’s e-mail which always followed one of my blog posts.  This week as I was reflecting on this something occurred to me.  Lynn encouraged me to always write from my heart and from my experience; that this would speak far more to people’s lives than researched topics.  So that is what I set out to do when I began this blog.  Why should I quit now? You are exactly right!  I shouldn’t.  Maybe, just maybe, someone will read even this simple little post and find hope or encouragement.  I want that for you; for them. 

Thank you for being patient with me during my writing absence.  I hope that you will find something within the confines of this blog to encourage and inspire.

Moving on…..

Amy Lynn Michael

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