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Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's a Love Story

I had been a widow for nearly nine years and decided that I didn't want to be alone for the rest of my life.  I had a lot of love to give and I wanted to share it with someone who not only needed it, but wanted it and would not take it for granted.  I spent a lot of time at a sanctuary on the edge of town that I called "Serenity Hills".  I would go there and walk with my dog and at some point lie down in the tall grass to listen to the wind.  It was there that I would imagine who my husband would be.  I often took my journal with me to write thoughts as they came to mind and I would pray.  One day while I was lying there I began to pray for my "husband".  I wasn't dating anybody and I didn't even know any single men at the time. But I wanted to be sure that I was ready and that when the time came that I would not throw what love I had inside to someone who wasn't deserving.  I wanted to know that what love I had left would not be taken for granted or somehow cheapened.  

I had a friend at the time who knew how I was praying and suggested I try internet dating sites to meet my "mate".  I told her very promptly that I was praying for a husband, not preying on a husband.  I was pretty insistent that meeting someone on the internet was not by any means a way for me to meet a husband.  In the mean time my nieces and nephews had invited me into their world of social networking.  While perusing the site one day I found a blog written by a very funny and obviously intelligent man.  He was a marathon runner and wrote a hilarious piece about his inability to spit like other runners.  His words kept my attention until the end for two reasons; it was hilarious and I was secretly hoping that there really was a man out there who didn't spit on sidewalks.  There was a comment or two after his piece and so I added my words, "if it's any consolation, sir, I spit like a girl".  We began corresponding, talking on the phone, dating and I married that insecure spitter!  Of course there are many blanks to be filled in this story, but I want to end this with my song lyrics.  I began writing this song before I knew Mike in anticipation of his presence in my life and finished it the  night after our first date.

Come Winter Come

Autumn another season's come and gone
I hear you whisper when the leaves fall to the ground
I fell you when the cool wind blows
and only you could know how much I need you now
Oh I need you now

The world seems cold and gray
and I have so much I would say
But I will wait for you
Right here I'll wait for you

Come winter come, cover me with your snow
Come Winter Come, hold me until I know
The time when we will be together
We'll know the meaning of forever

Come, sweet winter, Come

My winter was short that year because Mike came in to stay and I am so fortunate to have found a love that won't go. As important as it is to have found someone who will love me unconditionally, it is as much of a blessing that I have found someone who accepts the love that I have to give and never discounts it.

It's a love story and one that is still being written.

Thanks for reading.

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