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Saturday, June 18, 2016

To Fathers

Once while talking about the annual opportunity to honor fathers, a friend suggested that we could celebrate because we have pets.  Let me set the record straight by saying that Mike did not father our dog and cat. Mike also is not my father and therefore not only do we have a normal relationship, but we also have no reason to make a fuss about Father's Day at our house.  

Mike does have a father and we honor him each year by spending time with the family; reminiscing and laughing about days gone by.  Most of which I wasn't around for but I enjoy hearing the stories just the same.  Mike's dad has been a hardworking man and his care for his children has been a labor of love, dedication and commitment.  Because of this I have a husband who is equally dedicated and committed to his relationship with me.  If I can celebrate one thing this Father's day, it is that.  My husband's father. But I think there is more to celebrate.

Some wake up on Father's Day wondering why this day should be special.  Their fathers were abusive or maybe they don't even know who their father is. For whatever reason this day is the day that they feel a pit the size of an elephant in their stomachs as they hear people say, "happy father's day".  Good church going people stay home on Father's Day because they don't want to hear one more sermon about honoring fathers.  Sometimes hearing a pastor talk of God as father to bring comfort to a fatherless one is far from comforting.  It hurts even more because a wounded soul wonders, "where was this Father when I was hurting?"  I have wondered that myself and because of my experience in teaching the Bible and spending much of my life in Christian circles it would be easy to rattle off a quick response.  But I take a step back here and say to you, I don't have an answer to that.  I may never have an answer to that question.  Life has simply taught me to make the most of what I have been given.  What I have been given over the years is friendship with those whose fathers have been present.  I have witnessed what fatherhood represents when done with love, loyalty and commitment.

I know there are honorable fathers out there and I applaud them because their work is sometimes tireless and unappreciated.  You deserve this day of honor because your influence is reaching beyond the walls of your home.  It is reaching out to children who are desperate for any example of a good father. I was that child long ago and today I simply honor those men in my life who represented honorable fatherhood without being aware.  You deserve this day.

Happy Father's Day.


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