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Sunday, March 3, 2013

God's Gift

You come in the dark of the night or by day. 
Damned by some, loved by others you gently you make your way to us. 
Sometimes there is only a hint of your presence. 
Sometimes you are altogether unseen. 
The sun lights up the morning sky and erases any sign that you were near. 
Where you are not expected, there is an unusual calm
and the world seems to stop as we try to figure out what to do. 
You are an unexpected and perhaps unwelcomed guest. 
You make newspaper headlines.
The media world is ablaze with pictures of the havoc that followed your visit. 
There are  others who publish pictures of your beauty.
If you were to come just one at a time, you would be unnoticed by most. 
Flake upon shimmering flake you fall from the sky. 
You join with the wind to make us stop, wait and listen. 
One little flake is not like any other that falls from the sky. 
When you join forces, you hold so much power over our busy lives.
You are beautiful and terrifying all at once.
Yet no matter how we see you at that moment of surprise,
Your departure leaves a permanent mark on our dry earth. 
From your nourishment come the flowers of spring. 
You are gentle.  You are powerful.
You are frustrating.  You are beautiful. 
You just might be…God’s gift.

Amy Lynn Michael

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