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Sunday, April 8, 2012

No Church on Easter?!

It’s Easter and instead of going to church like Christians around the world, I chose to go for a bike ride.  Before you set your fingers a sail on your keyboard to respond to what may appear to be rebellion, please know that only your freedom of speech will be applauded.  I did what I did because I wanted to spend some time alone and with nature today.  The sermon I heard as I rode along the stream in the middle of our busy city spoke profoundly of God, creation and a resurrection of life. 

Sun shining through after a rainy day…
…I celebrate in its warmth

Little birds chirping from a nest in the tree…
…I celebrate the gift of life

Flowers peaking through the weeds in the rough…
…I celebrate your unexpected beauty

Young couples walking hand in hand…
…I celebrate love and friendship

Little girl on the swings with her dad…
…I celebrate parents who know how to play

Gentle stream trickling through the trees…
…I celebrate living water

In the quiet spot where I chose to rest…
…I celebrated a savior who knows what I need and provides it at that minute.

Today, I needed a quiet place, a gentle message of life and I found it where I was.  Perhaps I wasn’t in a church bound by brick and mortar, but I was very much in the presence of the resurrected Christ and for this I give thanks.

I hope wherever you are, whether you celebrate Easter or not, that this day will simply be a day of refreshing; a refreshing of the soul.

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Amy Lynn Michael

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