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Saturday, October 15, 2011

You're Beautiful, It's True

While making a quick stop at the grocery store one evening, I remained in the car while my husband went in to pick up what we needed.  The windows on the vehicle we were driving are slightly tinted and I had the window opened an inch or so.  As my thoughts began to wander I began to hear someone singing in the car next to me.  The young woman was singing along with James Blunt, “You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful, you’re beautiful it’s true”.  With each line she sang eventually I no longer heard the accompaniment of the radio, but I heard her voice and her voice alone.  She had gone from singing “you’re beautiful” to singing at the top of her voice, “I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, it’s true”.  I chuckled that night because I doubt that she knew of her audience.  Every once in awhile when we stop at the store I remember this moment and laugh all over again to myself.

This week as I was thinking of this, I began to think of it in a different way.  Perhaps she did know I was listening. Maybe she wanted the entire universe to hear her proclaim how beautiful she is.  How wonderfully freeing it is to have that moment when you realize that you are beautiful.  So many of us look to define beauty by the models we see in magazines. We want their skin tone, hair styles and body shape.  We want people to notice us when we walk into a room because of our beauty.  My confession is that I want Tina Turner’s long beautiful legs and wild hair.  While at any given moment my hair can be untamable, my legs no matter how hard I try will never be long and shapely.  Shapely they are; I do have thighs and knees after all.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not”.  Is this not so true?  I believe that resting inside each of us is a beauty that is waiting to be released.  It’s a beauty that only you possess.  It’s the smile you give a stranger.  It’s the warm hello you offer to a coworker in passing.  It’s the acts of kindness that you perform even when you feel anything but kind.  Deep inside you there is something very beautiful. 

When you begin to realize that which makes you beautiful, below the surface you have already begun singing, “I’m beautiful, I'm beautiful, I'm beautiful, it’s true”.  Reach deep and sing it with all you've got because you really and truly are beautiful.  

Thank you for stopping by.  If you found this encouraging please take time to comment and by all means share it with a friend.

Amy Lynn Michael

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