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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Don't Want To Care When... earthquake across the ocean takes the lives of many
...I read about a car accident that took the life of a young man
...a stranger is diagnosed with cancer
...I see a man holding a sign that says "will work for food"
...the person who drives me crazy is hurting
...a woman is selling her body on a street corner
...I read about the casualties of war
...the front page of the paper is filled with images 
of death and destruction from storms
...I read about the senseless murder of a child 
whose face and name I never  knew

But I do care.  I care because I know that if it were... country shaken life taken in an accident diagnosed with a terminal illness holding the sign for food hurting selling my body fighting for my country home destroyed by storms child murdered

that someone, somewhere, who doesn't even know my name would pray for me and hold out hope for me.

It hurts deeply to care sometimes because it takes patience, unconditional love and vulnerability.  But I have to believe that regret hurts more and so I will go on caring for those whose faces I may never see and whose names I may never know.

It's a simple post this week, but the storms around me and the tragedies I read about in the paper are troublesome.

Care and love deeply while you can and as often as you can.  Life really is fragile

Amy Lynn

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