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Monday, May 30, 2011

"Clown White"

Clown White makeup
A painted smile

Cover your misery
Just for awhile

Spotlight turns
It's all your show

Fear inside
Nobody will know

They laugh as your carry on your routine
Night after night same old scene

The crowd is now gone as they dim the last light
You turn away and walk into the night

Wash your face take a bow
Look in the mirror, dear.

Who are you now?

It's a weird little poem that won't win any awards but it describes the person I was several years ago.  I came to place in life realizing that keeping up an image is so much more work than just being who I am.

Are you ready to wash your face?  When you are I pray that there will be those who believe in you close at hand.  I don't even have to know your name to know that your "image" is not near as beautiful as what lies beneath.

Thanks for stopping by....

Amy Lynn

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