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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Working Like a Dog

I love to hear people say, "I worked like a dog today". Why do I like this expression? I like it because I have a dog and I know what she does all day. Granted, she is a Corgi, and from what I have read about dogs of her breed, they are great herding dogs. I use the term, they, broadly because not all corgis herd cattle by day and guard their owners by night. While our Chloe does exhibit herding tendencies, it is our cat that she redirects and not necessarily at our command. She works when it is convenient. Mostly she plays with a ball and takes naps. Which, sounds like a professional athlete's job. That is a blog entry in itself.

So this is how I suppose my day would look if I worked like our dog. I would wander into the office when I was ready, after making many detours on the way. When I finally arrive, I will wander from person to person looking for a good ear scratching. I might even sniff them if I'm not feeling too secure. After some enthusiastic chat time, I will suddenly stop in my tracks, tip over, and take a nap. When I'm ready, I will get up and wander to the water fountain for a drink and finally arrive at my desk. I will work so long as my boss keeps me well stocked with treats, and pours on a good dose of praise. When that stops, I will lay down on the floor and pout until I fall asleep only to get up and do it all over again.

I'm beginning to like the sound of this. (ignoring the current unemployment rate in our city) The next time I hear someone say, I worked like a dog today, I'm going to smile and wonder where they got that job!

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Amy "Cracked" Potts

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