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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Welcome to My World

When I moved to the Kansas City area four years ago, I had my husband and my little dog, Mr. Jackson aka Blackie. (God rest his sweet, furry soul)  I didn't have a job or any friends in the beginning and so I wasn't always happy.  A lot of my days were spent driving one direction to find out I was going the wrong way and sometimes I just plain gave up and went home to cry.  I wanted to go back to Iowa; where everything was familiar.  But, I am not known for being a quitter so I have been determined to find a way to make this my world.  First I had a great foundation in Mike's parents.  They were wonderful hosts to me while I got established, and by the way, they still are. My job search was tedious, but successful.  I took a job in a call center doing something I was pretty sure I would hate, but I would live by my motto of "making the most of it".  Today, two promotions later, I am loving that job and the people I work with. Because of this job I have made many friends who I will carry with me forever.  

My friends here have taught me to look at life from an "urban perspective", for which I am both grateful and scared.  I never thought I would see the day when I would use words like; homie, boo, grittin' and deuces in context.  And they have found new meaning in phrases like, "don't cha know", "you betcha".  Never have they heard the letter "O" with so much emphasis.

Lately I have been thinking I need to find a quiet place in this city where I can go to find solace.  There is a park in the middle of our city called, "Loose Park".  Today I went to that park with my little red companion, Chloe the Corgi.  There were people and dogs in all shapes and sizes, running, playing and the occasional sound of conversations carried in the breeze.  The distant sounds of the city were muted by the song of the birds in the trees overhead. My hair was in a pony tail and I had one of my favorite Iowa Hawkeye caps on.  

Funny thing about this wonderful place is that it is less than five minutes from Kansas City's Country Club Plaza; shopping central for many locals and visitors alike.

But for me, at least today, I had the best seat in the city.  So maybe Kansas City really is ok with me by now.

There really is no life lesson in this writing.  I simply wanted to take you with me on my little journey.

I hope you have a place like this where you can go and if you're ever in Kansas City, make sure you find this wonderful gem in the middle of our city.

God's Blessings to You,

Amy Lynn Michael

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