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Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Soldier, Forgive Me

Dear Soldiers,

Yesterday I heard myself utter the words, please pray for our troops who are unable to be with family this Holiday season.  Those words no sooner crossed my lips when I realized how much I take for granted.  I was sitting in a heated sanctuary and didn’t have to give one thought to a battle raging outside the walls of our building.  As I was driving home to my husband I became increasingly aware of just how important that prayer really is.  So today I want to ask your forgiveness.

Forgive me for only praying for you on Sunday…
…your battle never ends.

Forgive me for not saying thanks when I sit at the table with my husband…
…you would give anything to be with your family.

Forgive me for complaining about too few breaks at work…
…do you even remember what a break is?

Forgive me for complaining about the noisy child in the grocery store…
…I bet even the sound of a crying child would be a blessing to you.

Forgive me for taking this free life in the United States of America for granted…
…when you are working so hard to keep it this way.

Soldier, I will never know what it is really like to walk in your boots, but I want to at least acknowledge that you are heroes and deserve what I can give; recognition and prayers for you and your families.  And when I think about how much I enjoy being with my husband, family and friends I will give thanks for you and ask that you be kept safe until you can enjoy the warmth of family and friends once again.



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