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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Gift of Exuberance

I walked into the building at approximately 5:55 a.m. today with the usual spring in my step.  I greeted the security guard and each person I passed on the way to my desk.  One lady said, “Amy Potts, do you have to be this happy at six in the morning?”  I smiled, said, “I suppose I don’t have to be, but it’s easier than being crabby” and kept walking.  It was a rainy day in Kansas today and it is also Monday, both of which make for a gloomy day for some.  I happen to like Monday and I love rainy days.  

I had already spoken to several customers with routine requests when I got “that call”.  That call that I am referring to is the “angry caller”.  The one who starts the conversation with, “I want to know why you people…”.  After I listened to his concerns, which were colorfully communicated with insults, I began to understand the real issue at hand.  He indeed was angry, but the root of his anger was fear, and with good reason.  We talked for several minutes and I remained as positive as I could, trying to consider how I would feel if I were him.  By the time we wrapped up our conversation, he was in better spirits and I was too.  I learned today that exuberance is more contagious than the common cold and it feels better too.  

After work I went to the gym.  My enthusiasm was not overwhelming when I approached the sights and smells of my fellow gym-goers. Physically I did not want to be there.  I felt tired and overwhelmed at my fitness goal and how far I am from that mark. I was discouraged.  Yes, the same woman who started the day with obnoxious enthusiasm now needed a boost of vitamin E as in encouragement. 

There is a woman who works out at the same gym who drives me crazy.  She talks non-stop and flies from station to station.  There is only one situation in my daily life that I prefer not to talk to anyone and that is while I am exercising.  That is my time to think and to clear my mind in preparation to talk non-stop when Mike comes home. Well today I experienced an unexpected blessing.  That woman who drives me crazy approached me and said, “I like you”.  I must have looked shocked because she felt as if she needed to explain.  She said, “I’m not a lesbian or anything like that, I just like you because you smile when you say hi to me when most people are rude”. Inside my mind I was feeling a thousand degrees of guilty because of how I have complained about her to my husband.  What she said had nothing to do with my fitness goal, but it gave me the strength to finish my workout.  I needed that today.

The gift of exuberance given to two people gave back to me much more than I could have imagined in one day. 

Tomorrow as you approach your day, consider giving something as simple as a smile.  I promise that you will receive much more than you gave.

I need to shower now or Mike's enthusiasm may be lacking when he comes home to greet me.  :o)

Have a great week everyone!


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