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Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Zero

...and so here we are, a new year a new winter and the same complaints of the freezing temperatures. We are in the time of year when refer to a forecast temperature of 30 degrees as getting UP to 30 degrees where as just a few weeks ago the temperatures were going to get DOWN to 30 degrees. What is it, up or down? Nobody really knows. At our house we are divided on the seasons. My husband says that everyone gets to have one season to complain about. His is winter and mine is summer. I hate heat and humidity. He hates cold and snowy. Opposites attract, I guess.

I am proposing something new this year. A new way to measure temperatures. So, let's suppose that 70 degrees is the most agreeable temperature for all of us. And...lets suppose that Zero would be the perfect temperature and anything about or below that would be unacceptable. How will that work? In Kansas City today it is 10 degrees. That to any of us, including the winter lovers like me, is too cold. With the new system we would say that today is 60 degrees below comfortable. My dear friends in Iowa would say that yesterday was 82 degrees below comfortable. When summer comes any thing about the new zero would be calculated accordingly. What we know today as 90 degrees would simply be 20 degrees above comfort level. Are you following me on this?

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