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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Elephant or The Moon

A young woman on a game show, was asked the $100 question, “which is larger an elephant or the moon?” She thought and thought and struggled with this question. With a mere $100 at stake she first took an audience vote at which point the majority told her the moon. That was not convincing enough so she decided to call her “lifelines” on the phone to ask for help. They told her it was definitely the moon. Having heard the advice of many, she paused, looked at the host and said, “it has got to be the elephant”.

When one of my friends told me about this I laughed with her as we expressed how pitiful this young woman was to have gotten this far in life not knowing the obvious answer to this question.

I remember an interview of a woman who was completely paralyzed several years ago. The host asked her how it made her feel when people would compare trials which to them seemed so little in comparison to what she had gone through. Her response surprised the host as it did me. She said, “my trials are not as big as the trial that you are currently going through if it is the biggest thing that you have faced in your life”, in essence saying we all face our “elephants”.

Maybe your elephant is an expensive car repair or maybe it is a failed marriage. Maybe what you are facing seems less significant than your friend who has a terminal illness. Whatever your elephant is, it matters because it matters to you and you matter to God.

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